Ekki skráð
Uppfært: 25/1/22 kl 00:00
1,2 °C
  • Open
  • Closed


  • Brettalyfta
  • Drottningin, 2 sæta
  • Kóngurinn, 4 sæta
  • Lilli klifurmús
  • Patti broddgöltur
  • Töfrateppi
  • Amma mús
  • Hérastubbur
  • Hringekja
  • Dew dýnan
  • Mohawks parkið

South Area

  • Bangsadrengur
  • Mikki refur
  • Kormákur afi
  • Jón Oddur
  • Jón Bjarni
  • Amma Dreki

XC Trails

  • Leiruhringur (1 km)
  • Grunnbraut (2.5 km)
  • Fimman (5 km)
  • Strompahringur (6.5 km)
  • Kerlingardalur (12 km)
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Bláfjöll opening hours

  • 14:00 – 21:00

  • 17:00 – 20:00

  • 10:00 – 17:00


Ekki skráð
Uppfært: 25/1/22 kl 00:00
2,5 °C
  • Open
  • Closed


  • Stólalyfta, 2 sæta
  • I-lyfta
  • II-lyfta Kóngsgil
  • Byrjendalyfta

XC Trails

  • Gönguleið I (5 km)
  • Gönguleið II (10 km)
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Skálafell opening hours

  • 10:00 – 17:00

  • 24/1 2022 kl. 07:43

    Bláfjöll is open to day from 14-21.

    Buy tickets here

    Skidata cards sold here  : N1 Ártúnshöfða, N1 Lækjargötu Hafnarfirði, N1 Háholti Mosfellsbæ, N1 Hveragerði, N1 Stórahjalli Kópavogi. Olís Norðlingaholti

  • 7/3 2021 kl. 07:23

    Skálafell Ski area is closed due to no snow.


The ski areas of Bláfjöll and Skálafell are both only 25 minutes away from the city. Bláfjöll is south-west of the city and Skálafell east of the city. Both areas have great ski slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding as well as tracks for cross-country skiing. There is no need to order ski equipment in advance. It is not known exactly when we can open the ski areas, it depends a lot on if there are enough snow  in the mountain. In recent years has it been able to open a few days in December but almost certainly from beginning of January.

Bláfjöll has 14 lifts. Skálafell has 4 lifts.

Skálafell is only open during weekends from beginning of February to middle of April.

For more information about Bláfjöll and Skálafell please call 530-3000 or email us at

Ski school

We have operated ski school(ages 5-12 years old) here in the Bláfjöll Ski Resort for several years and has performed very well. He is, however, only on weekends and costs kr. 9,000 for each person and kr. 1,000 discount is granted for siblings. It takes 3,5 hours and lunch included. It is also possible to order private lessons both on weekends and weekdays with notice. It costs per hour kr. 10.000 for 18 and older and 9.000 for 17 and younger.  Daypass included. for one, kr. 18.000 for two 18 and older and kr. 16.000 for two 17 and younger.  Daypass included.  And  kr. 24.000 for three 18 and older and kr. 21.000 for three 17 and younger.  Daypass included. We also offer group lessons.  You can book lessons by sending an e-mail to

COVID-19 Restrictions

Several restrictions will be at the Ski Resorts in accordance with government regulations. We would kindly like to ask you to follow these restrictions at all times while visiting the resorts, so that we can remain open.

● Two meter physical distancing is mandatory.
● Face masks covering the mouth and nose are mandatory.
—–○ Especially around the cabins, lift lines, ski rental, restrooms and other areas where people might gather.
● Ticket sales are limited.
—–○ You need to refill your hard pass online for a day pass on skis.
—–○ Hard passes can be purchased at the Ski Resorts or at N1 Ártúnsbrekka, Kópavogur, Hafnarfjörður and Mosfellsbær.
—–○ Check online before your departure to make sure we are not at full capacity.
● Chair lift will have reduced capacity.
—–○ Everyone will have the right to travel alone on a chair.
—–○ Families and those travelling together can share a chair.
● Ski rental will be open.
—–○ Limited number of persons will be allowed inside.
—–○ Common contact points will be cleaned between customers.
● Restrooms will be open.
—–○ Limited number of persons will be allowed inside.
● Bus rides from Reykjavík will be on schedule.
—–○ Face masks are required on the bus.
● Caféteria will be closed.

Following these rules is your personal responsibility. The Ski Resorts will do everything in their capacity to assist you.

Thank you for your understanding. All further information can be found at

Masks are mandatory for all persons born before 2005. Masks should be worn at the lift queue, cabin, restrooms, ski rental and all other places where people gather.

Please read our other covid restrictions, such as that the ticket sale is only online. No tickets are sold at the ski area. To purchase tickets, everyone needs to have a “skidata” hard pass.


2015 and younger
Senior citizens
1954 and older
Half day pass 3.100 kr. 1.200 kr. 660 kr. FREE FREE

Ski and snowboard rental

Adults Children/teenagers
Skis, boots and poles 5.440 kr. 4.820 kr.
Poles 1.200 kr. 1.200 kr.
Cross country skis and shoes 4.820 kr. 4.820 kr.
Snowboard and boots 5.430 kr. 4.820 kr.
Individual item (boots, skis etc) 3.300kr. 2.880 kr.
Childrens helmets 0 kr.

You do not need to book in advance, in fact you can not book in advance.

Transportation – buses


Where from Time Where to
Ásgarður in Garðabær 15:40 Bláfjöll
Brettafélag Hafnarfjarðar, Flatahraun 14 15:50 Bláfjöll
N1 Gas station next to BSÍ (downtown Reykjavík) 15:50 Bláfjöll
Olís gas station in Mjódd 16:15 Bláfjöll
Olís gas station in Norðlingaholt 16:25 Bláfjöll
Bláfjöll 21:05 Reykjavík


Where from Time Where to
Ásgarður in Garðabær 12:10 Bláfjöll
Brettafélag Hafnarfjarðar, Flatahraun 14 12:20 Bláfjöll
N1 Gas station next to BSÍ (downtown Reykjavík) 12:20 Bláfjöll
Olís gas station in Mjódd 12:40 Bláfjöll
Olís gas station in Norðlingaholt 12:50 Bláfjöll
Bláfjöll 17:05 Reykjavík

The price for a return ticket is 3,000 kr.
One way ticket from the mountains is 2,700 kr.

Driving instructions:

Take ring road nr 1 East.

10 km after you pass the last gas station in Reykjavík you will see a sign on your right that says “Bláfjöll 11 km”.  Turn there and you’ll be there 10 minutes later.